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20 Mar 2019
AI Insight Analyzer Cracked

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Get Higher Rankings & More Traffic Through Keywords & Niches That Your Competitors Haven't Even Thought About!​

Quickly Create & Rank Your Content Higher in Google with the Power of Insight Analyzer

Unlock a Treasure Trove of Untapped Content Ideas

Imagine Finding Endless Low-Competition Topics That You Can Rank For In A Snap!​

Unearth a goldmine of insights hidden within Google's "People Also Asked" questions and autosuggest keywords. Unlock a direct line to understanding your audience's most pressing needs, questions, and search intentions. Here's how Insight Analyzer transforms these insights into your strategic advantage:

PAA Extractor​

Access unlimited "People Also Asked" questions from Google, diving into the psyche of your audience to reveal their true search intent and queries. Create content that ranks and resonates.
Unlock Hidden Queries: Access a treasure trove of "People Also Asked" questions, uncovering the exact queries your audience is searching for, giving you a competitive edge in content creation.
Enhance Content Relevance: Use real-time, intent-based insights to craft content that directly answers your audience's most pressing questions, significantly boosting engagement and relevance.
Save Research Time: Streamline your keyword research process with automated extraction of PAA questions, allowing you to focus on content strategy and creation rather than manual data gathering.
Discover Untapped Opportunities: Tap into the goldmine of low-competition, high-intent keywords that many tools overlook, positioning your content in untapped niches for maximum visibility.
Visualize Search Intent: Quickly compile PAA questions into interactive tree views, making it easier to understand and strategize around your audience's search intent and content needs.

Extract Unlimited "People Also Asked" Question​

Instantly view the questions in an interactive tree view to help find the exact content you need fast!
Extract with NO limits up to 8 levels deep. Get over 1,200 questions in one single query!
Change 46 languages and 236 countries inside the built-in browser
Never run out of highly relevant content with Insight Analyzer. Get instant access today!

Expand Your Data​

Extract up to 8 levels deep into Google's "People Also Asked" section producing thousands of interconnected content ideas in just minutes!
Easily get over 1,200 questions in one single query!
Expand more by automating the question clicking up to 5 times to add even more questions to each level.
With complete 100% automation, you can quickly build out question trees to visually understand your target audience search intent.
No other related tool provides a feature to control how many times to click questions!

Bulk Extract PAA Data​

Perform bulk "People Also Asked" extractions with a single click, saving countless hours in research and data compilation.
Gain instant access to a wealth of search query insights, accelerating the content ideation process and helping to identify key content opportunities faster.

Massive Time Savings​

Automatically sorts and saves extracted data into interactive tree view files, CSV files, and optional project files, streamlining the content planning process.
Generate self-contained HTML interactive tree files that can be easily shared with content writers, just like PDF or TXT files.
Effortlessly scale your content research efforts, handling large volumes of queries at once to support extensive content campaigns and strategies.

Insight Generator​

Tap into a vast array of autocomplete data from 4 different top search engines and quickly pump out every useful phrase and question your audience is asking around your keyword.
Then understand what your audience is truly curious about, enabling a deeper understanding of their needs and preferences.
Extract raw insights from Google, Bing, Youtube, and Amazon
Select from up to 237 countries
Get keywords in up to 46 languages
Generate untapped longtail keywords using 4 classes of modifiers
Import monthly search volume from free resources
Extract monthly search volume, CPC and competition - unlimited
Keywords Everywhere API integration
Uncover niche topics you would have never thought of and boost organic traffic

Search Modifier Editor​

The Insight Generator tool appends and prepends special modifiers to your search phrase to instantly pull in thousands of untapped longtail keywords you would have never thought of!
More built-in modifiers than ANY other software!
Edit, save, import, export your modifiers with ease
Uncover untapped keyword opportunities in just seconds

Get More Traffic​

By addressing the specific queries and topics uncovered by the Insight Generator, you're more likely to rank higher in search results and attract more organic traffic, as your content closely aligns with user intent.
Uncover Hidden Niches
Dive into the long tail of search data to reveal niche topics and underexplored areas.
These insights can lead to unique content opportunities that less informed competitors are likely to overlook.

Group Generator​

Quickly group your questions or longtail keywords into tight relevant groups ensuring your SEO and PPC strategies target the most coherent and relevant search queries. The Group Generator tool processes your keywords considering the natural speech patterns of your audience, enhancing the relevance of your content and ads.
Whether dealing with hundreds or thousands of keywords, get relevant, actionable groups every time, making it easier to manage large-scale campaigns with precision.

Competitive Edge in SEO​

Gain a significant advantage over competitors by deploying well-organized keyword groups that enhance the specificity and relevance of your SEO and PPC efforts, leading to better visibility and conversion rates.
Built-in excluded words list designed to super-focus your relevant tight keyword groups
Leverage deep insights to segment your keywords into tightly knit groups
Create hyper-targeted content that directly addresses specific audience interests and needs
Export keyword groups to CSV, TXT, and project files

AI Generator​

Harness the power of artificial intelligence to generate high-quality, engaging articles, rewrite existing content, and transform video transcripts into compelling written narratives.
This cutting-edge feature leverages your OpenAI API key to tap into advanced AI capabilities, streamlining the content production process while maintaining a high standard of creativity and relevance.
Whether you're looking to quickly produce articles from "People Also Asked" questions, answers, or need to instantly rewrite content for freshness, the AI Generator is your go-to solution for elevating your content strategy.

From scraping articles for instant rewrites to converting YouTube videos into text articles, the AI Generator offers a versatile range of capabilities that empower marketers, content creators, and SEO professionals to achieve their objectives with unprecedented ease and effectiveness. Plus, the AI Generator contains a built-in HTML editor to do the quick edits you need fast before deploying your content.

Instant AI Article Creator​

Create an article from a "people also asked" question, or a group of questions
Create an article from a keyword phrase or a group of related keywords
Instantly convert a given Youtube video to text and rewrite
You can even scrape any article and instantly rewrite it
Works with your OpenAI API key for smooth operation, providing a secure and efficient way to produce content at scale
Cheaper than using the paid ChatGPT plus plan

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