[ Premium ] Etsy - Craft Inspector v1.0.6.6 Cracked

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20 Mar 2019
Etsy - Craft Inspector Cracked

WebSite: Craft Inspector | Etsy Research Software | Uncover Bestsellers and Top Shops on Etsy - Craft Inspector


Breakthrough Etsy Research Software Finds Every Store's Top Sellers, Ranking Secrets and Even Their Traffic Sources!

Keyword Generator​

Understanding keywords it's paramount to having successful traffic rich listings.
All successful sellers master the art of traffic generating keywords, and this is where this unique feature comes into its own.
Specifically the keyword generator includes.
Real-time auto suggest keywords
Long tail keywords
Search volume data
All of which are designed to pinpoint the richest, juiciest keywords that drive traffic to your listings.

Product Search​

Want to find the best selling products, the ones which you can sell yourself and make a killing on?
Craft Inspector’s product search functionality will find the needles in the haystack.
It will identify the hottest, trendiest, most in demand products which you can get your teeth into and start selling today.
There are 27 data points extracted for any product found on Etsy, as follows:
Rank position listing id, title, category, search phrase, search source, price, shipping, price + shipping, rating, ad, listing date, hearts, product reviews, shop, shop section, shop reviews, shop location, shop sales, shop age, bestseller, in basket, stock, tags, duplicate tags, number of tags, description.

Narrow down search results by category, shop location, ship to country, price range.
Advertisements in your search results to spy on your competition. If you notice particular advertisment listings are occuring a lot, this can strongly indicate the product is selling very well.
Search by keyword for products you are specifically interested in.
Search by category - instantly search products from over 1,100 categories on Etsy.
Built in product link extractor. Simply paste in any content containing Etsy product links and the built-in tool will extract all etsy product links.

Shop Search​

Identify the shops that are doing the best within your niche as well as identify their top products listing and most importantly, their traffic sources!
This will enable you to replicate their tactics and start driving traffic using the same methods into your own store.

Search all shops on Etsy for any give keyword getting 12 data points for each shop:
Rank position, shop name, shop owner, shop times, sections, hearts, shop sales, shop reviews, shop members, shop location, shop title, shop links.
Instantly find top performing shops in any niche in just seconds.

Built in shop link extractor. Simply paste in any content containing Etsy shop links and the built-in tool will extract all etsy shop links for you. Or if you have another method of getting etsy shop links, simply paste them in and let craft inspector deliver 12 data points for every Esty shop.
Show searching google and traffic source.
Get inspired by instantly seeing all the external resource links for every shop.
Instantly see which shops allow you to see their recent product sales with a click of the mouse.

Shop Analyzer​

Extract all the product data for any given etsy shop in just minutes.
Instantly uncover top performing shop sections using the product grouping feature.
Tags analyzer tool - analyze the percentage of tags used in sections or any set of selected products.
Product title analyzer tool - quickly identify profitable phrases by analyzing keyword combinations in product titles.
Improve Etsy SEO by instantly seeing if product listings contain duplicate tags, and identify which tags are duplicate.
Get higher Etsy rankings by using all your available tags. Let Craft Inspector show you which listings are not using enough tags.

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