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20 مارس 2019
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Social Page Analyzer Cracked

WebSite: Social Page Analyzer


The NEW Social Page Analyzer, an extremely powerful Mac/PC software that analyzes facebook pages, posts, and comments helping you uncover the top marketing content and strategies for your own social marketing campaigns!

Fanpages Tool​

Fanpages Tool Uncover thousands of Facebook fanpages directly from Facebook's internal database through their marketing API!
Instantly get 27 different metrics for every fanpage on facebook in just

Get Interests for Facebook Ads​

Fanpage names can also be "interest keywords" for facebook ad campaigns!
Therefore, we integrated a feature that instantly retrieves the audience size for any fanpage names that are included in the facebook interest keyword database via their marketing API.

Get 1000's of fanpages in Just Minutes!​

Use the built-in "Append alphabet" option to get thousands of related fanpages!
Most fanpage research tools will only return 500 pages, but with the Fanpages tool you can generate nearly 10 times MORE pages!

Get 27 Data Columns For EVERY Fanpage!​

Get ALL the data you need ...

Even get all the emails and websites for any fanpages you want.

Contact page owners to build valuable marketing relationships to skyrocket your facebook marketing success!

Get "Real" Value Page Scores​

Generate sophisticated page scores for all pages to get a "REAL" sense of the true page value!
Click the page score link to see the corresponding page score report for any fanpage!

Generate Powerful Page Score Reports​

The built-in powerful Page Score Report tool takes the guess work out of your Facebook marketing strategy - the report recommendations will guide you in the right direction!

Page Score Report​

Optimize fanpages for high engagement using detailed page score reports!
Instantly see the most valuable details of any fanpage to learn how to improve your own pages as well as learn how to beat the competition by optimizing your pages better!

Page Top Analysis​

The top of the fanpage is very important for making a first impression and an important factor for representing the brand awareness when users interact with the page.
The page top analysis section reveals the most important elements that need to be integrated into the page along with valuable suggestions to improve it.

Content / Description Analysis​

The content and description of a fanpage gives followers more incentive to engage and interact with the page.
This analysis section provides more insight into the important elements needed while providing recommendations to improve the page content.

Response Analysis​

Facebook followers really want fast responses and the ability to post content on pages they love.
This can dramatically increase engagement and long term follower commitment to your brand or service.

Engagement Analysis​

Follower engagement is a key element to building up your loyal user community.
This report reveals the important factors representing how much engagement the page is receiving. Using this report section and with a few tweaks, your pages can be optimized for maximum engagement.

Activity Analysis​

One of the most important factors of any fanpage, is posting the correct content and delivering the content in an optimal manner.
The activity analysis report section quickly summarizes past post activity showing you the break-down of each important aspect that needs attention.
It is well known, the most engaging content are videos and pictures, plus the optimal time to post content is thursday - sunday between 1pm - 4pm.
This report section quickly shows you the percentages for each important element giving you and instant picture of what to improve!

Analyze Page Posts and Post Comments Like You've NEVER Seen Before!​

Feast your eyes on the amazing ability these tools offer you! Get instant access to post content and all comments for ANY post in just seconds. Instantly see the exact content that's working and not working!

Posts Tool​

Extract thousands of posts from ANY fanpage in just seconds! Plus sort by shares, comments, likes, or any other data metric to see the content with the best engagement.
Instantly see the BEST posts based onengagement scale and engagement rate!

Instantly know exactly what the most engaging content is for any given page post, then use that information to improve your own page posts!

Preview Posts​

Click the "Preview" button to instantly see the corresponding posts in an amazing post preview page inside your default web browser!
Easily and quickly browse through all post content to see what followers are loving the most, then model from that content to improve your own page post content.
You can even quickly sort by shares, comments, likes, post type, and post date. Plus search by keyword phrase all within the page preview.
This tool will save you HOURS of endless scrolling through fanpages looking for the best post content!

Comments Tool​

Extract thousands of comment from ANY fanpage post in just seconds! Plus, you can instantly sort comments by the number of comment replies and comment likes revealing the most engaging comments.
Also, you can quickly search thousands of comments using the instant-search feature or content filters. Plus, click any comment link to see the corresponding comment on facebook.

Analyze Repeating Word Combinations in Thousands of Comments or Posts!​

Using the "Word Analyzer" tool, you can instantly see all the most common repeating word combinations in thousands of comments or posts for revealing useful content fast!

Word Analyzer Tool​

Reveal powerful information by sending all post messages or comment messages to the Word Analyzer Tool to instantly uncover all of the most common word-combinations!
Imagine knowing what your customers "love" or "hate" about your product promotion on facebook by instantly seeing the most common word phrases people are talking about!
Then, improve your product or wholesale new related products that fix the problems revealed in the user comments.
Plus, you can research thousands of post messages uncovering the most common content that creates high engagement. Model from those post messages to increase your page post engagement.

Dial-In Your Research using Filters for Getting the Exact Data You REALLY Need FAST!​

Use the blazing-fast quick-filters from the top of the columns or use the integrated filter window for creating more customized filters to fit all your needs!

Blazing Fast Quick-Filters​

Get blazing-fast quick-filters at the top of the columns.
With just one-click you instantly get the data you want to see!

Custom Filters​

You can also create any custom filter you want for any column you wish.
Plus, you can save your favorite filter combination to a file, and load your saved filters with a few clicks saving you hours of searching.
Stop wasting your valuable time searching pages on facebook for hours on end and use the power of Social Page Analyzer to get the exact data you need in just mere seconds!

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