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20 Mar 2019
Youtube - Tube Atlas Cracked

WebSite: Tube Atlas - Powerful YouTube Research Software with 12 Built-in Tools

Price: $67 / Free for Premium Members


Breakthrough Software Uncovers Top Searches, Youtube Shorts, #Hashtags, Videos, Channels, & Trends from YouTube with 12+ Built-in Tools

Discover How You Can Instantly Reveal Top Content & Channels on Youtube in just 90 Seconds Flat with NO Limits!

Get Instant Access to Endless Data from YouTube with 12+ Built-In Data Extraction & Analyzer Tools!


1. Popular Keywords​

Quickly generate hundreds of top popular keywords directly from the Youtube autosuggest engine!
Plus, easily get search volume, cost-per-click, and competition data using free resources.
With Tube Atlas you'll always have fresh keyword ideas at your fingertips for optimizing your own content.
Use these powerful high-converting keywords in your video titles, descriptions, hashtags, and more!
Youtube is the 2nd largest online search engine with powerful keyword data you can use anywhere in your business.
Harness the power of top searched keywords in your content today!

2. Top Trends​

Simply import keywords from the keyword generator or from any file of keywords and instantly get search volume index data for ALL keywords!
Stay ahead of the competition knowing the top trends are spiking right now!
See a full year of search volume data for ALL extracted trending search phrases.
Extract search volume trends for 258 countries!
PLUS, you can extract trending data for ANY imported keyword list!
AND, get trends data from Youtube search, Google search, Image search, News search, & Google Shopping search!
There is NO other software on the planet that extracts trends data directly from Google!

3. Video Analyzer​

Instantly pull back OVER 25 different data points for EVERY video extracted!
Extract total views, likes, comments, and estimated earnings from ad revenue for all videos!
Know EXACTLY which videos are producing the MOST money!
Get user emails directly from youtube descriptions making it even easier to contact users for marketing purposes.
Easily view video images directly inside the data grid.
Don't know what to search for?
No problem, simply use the "Trending Videos" button to instantly see what's performing the BEST right now in real-time!

4. Browse & Extract​

Experience the true power of our NEW browse & extract technology allowing you to reveal data for any video while surfing Youtube!
Surf Youtube using their powerful filters and extract data for all videos!
Instantly see 25+ different data points that Youtube hides from you!
Extract data for ANY videos on Youtube
Quickly uncover the BEST converting videos in your Youtube feed as you browse!

5. Channel Analyzer​

Knowing what Youtube channels are producing the BEST results are vital to any online campaign.
With Tube Atlas you can extract 17+ data points for every Youtube channel found.
No more guessing what channels are producing the most revenue!
PLUS, you can analyze all videos inside ANY given channel with the click of the mouse!
Let Tube Atlas reveal the TOP videos inside ANY given channel on Youtube in just seconds!

6. Video-to-Text Converter​

Instantly convert any Youtube video to text in just seconds!
In just one click, Tube Atlas converts any video of your choice into a fully formatted piece of content!
Sometimes converted video to text content doesn't have any punctuation. Using our AI-powered punctuator, you can instantly add commas, full stops, capitalizations & apostrophes to the content with ONE click!
There are instances where you would want to replace a specific word. For example: From “In this video” to “In this article”. Doing this manually would consume a LOT of your time. Using the Find & Replace feature, you can save a lot of time doing that.
We've also included a built-in content spinner that creates unique, readable variation of content every time.
You can convert an UNLIMITED number of videos with absolutely NO limits what-so-ever!
It has never been easier to instantly convert ANY Youtube video into text, auto punctuate and replace content in just seconds!
Imagine having access to an unlimited amount of MASSIVE content right at your fingertips.
Convert, punctuate, replace, and spin ANY converted content with NO limits!

7. Comment Analyzer​

Instantly extract as many video comments as you want in just seconds!
One of the best ways to understand how well videos are performing on Youtube is to read the comments.
BUT who has the time to read 12,000 comments? NOBODY does!
With the Comment Analyzer tool you can instantly see exactly what everyone is saying to uncover hidden secrets you would have never found!
Instantly see the comments with the most number of likes & replies.
You can even see all the comments that contain questions or profanity!
Therefore, you know exactly what the users love AND hate!

Uncover TOP Word Combinations in Seconds!​

You can ALSO instantly uncover the top word combinations among ALL the Youtube comments in just seconds!
Plus, you can view ONLY the comments that contain a given word combination!
Now you can instantly identify what users are talking about, what they love, or what they hate about the video content ... without having to read thousands of comments!
This single tool will save you HUNDREDS of hours of research alone.
Take advantage of this next-level analysis tool for uncovering exactly what the audience wants to see!

8. Content Spinner​

We've also included a powerful content spinner that uses the free online Google translator!
Convert an UNLIMITED number of words & characters! There are NO LIMITS.
Spins content by translating the text through several languages using the powerful Google Translator
Translate content using 109 different languages
Content is always human readable producing the best results!
No Google Translate API costs
The built-in translating spinning tool will instantly translate your content through 2 different languages and back to English (or any language you desire) producing quality spun content!
No more wasting time replacing synonyms, just click and spin in seconds.

9. Video Title Generator​

Need help with your Youtube video titles? No problem, we got you covered!
With the built-in video title generator, you can instantly generate over 1,200 powerful headlines proven to increase engagement!
We've scanned thousands of video titles and compiled the best performing titles based on views, comments, and likes.
Simply enter you main topic keyword phrase and instantly pump out top performing titles in seconds!

10. Video Downloader​

Using the built-in video downloader, you can instantly download any video from Youtube directly to your computer.
Download UNLIMITED number of video!
Download video only or audio only options.
Easily download any video on Youtube.
Stop wasting time using clunky online video downloaders that force you to click ads and cause your antivirus to go crazy!

11. Tag Analyzer​

Using the BEST tags in your video listings can be one of the most important aspects for gaining massive free traffic from natural SEO and Youtube search results!
With the video tag analyzer tool, you can INSTANTLY see what tags are producing the MOST engagement! Simply select the tag keyword phrases that are already pumping traffic to other videos and use them in your own video tags (or your client's video tags).
Let Tube Atlas do all the heavy lifting so you can spend more time doing the things you NEED to do faster!

12. Video Title Analyzer​

Similar to the tag analyzer tool, the video title analyzer tool will instantly analyze all the keywords in your video list.
You can instantly identify the top word combinations across unlimited number of Youtube video titles.
Use the best word combinations in your own (or client) video titles, descriptions and tags.
No other software on the planet offers this feature for Youtube video titles! (at least we didn't find one yet 😊)

Stop Getting Distracted on Youtube when Researching Content by Using the Built-in Video Details Window ...​

We all know how incredibly easy it is to get distracted watching videos when you desperately need to stay focused on task. No worries, we got just the tool!
Simply double-click any image in the "Image" column to instantly see the most important video details without getting distracted by Youtube!
Easily copy the title, tags, or description with one click buttons.
You can even download the video & video thumbnail image
Plus, instantly spin any content in the video description with one click!

Get 25 Data Columns For EVERY Video!​

Tube Atlas is the only software jammed packed with 12+ powerful tools designed to reveal top converting content on Youtube in just minutes!
We have spent hundreds of hours researching data sources to uncover this hidden data Youtube doesn't show you.
Stop fumbling around Youtube trying to "guess" what videos & channels are converting the best ..
.. and let Tube Atlas instantly reveal the top views, likes, comments, subscribers, estimated ad revenue and 20 MORE data points!

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