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20 مارس 2019
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Audience Analyzer Cracked

WebSite: Audience Analyzer


New Software Uncovers Thousands of Hidden Targeting Keywords & Millions of New Buyers for Your Facebook Ad Campaigns, in just Seconds ...

Facebook Interests Tool
Uncover thousands of interest keyword phrases directly from Facebook's internal database through their marketing API!

Wikipedia Tool
Instantly pull thousands of keywords from Wikipedia for ANY niche imaginable, and then verify if the keywords are facebook interests at a click of a button!

Movies Tool
Search movie titles and actor/actress names to uncover super-targeted interest keywords!

Books Tool
Instantly search book & magazine titles directly from Google book's internal database!

Sites Tool
Find thousands of web site names to use as highly-targeted interest keyword phrases!

Brands Tool
Target brand name interest keywords for ultra-targeted results!

Search Engine Tool
Quickly expand your keyword spread by extracted thousands of more keyword phrases from the top search engines and top ecommerce search engines!

Targets Manager Tool
Quickly manage all your Facebook interest keywords in one easy-to-use target manager tool!



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    audience analyzer v1.0.2.5 audience analyzer v1.0.3.4 audienceanalyzer audienceanalyzer v1.0.1.8 ِcracked audienceanalyzer v1.0.2.0 ِcracked cracked