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20 مارس 2019
Bulk Mailer 9 v9.4.2.6 Cracked

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Features that Make Email Marketing Easier
This is a bulk email sender software that allows for the effective creation of impact email and contains a number of general features that sets it apart from other types of bulk emailer software.

Import and export contacts easily through:

  • Microsoft Outlook, Excel, CSV, Text, Windows Address Book
  • external databases, such as MS Access, MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, and other popular CRM databases that enable you to send emails to contacts without having to import/export
  • Also import list files easily
  • Export to Text, Excel, or another external database
Different sending options:

  • Three sending modes: Direct, Delay, and Burst
  • Get a detailed sending results report
  • Detailed sending monitor
  • If emails fail to send, emails can be resent unlimited times
  • Log every action in detail
Other features:

  • Import plain text and HTML messages
  • International characters are supported for worldwide mailing campaigns
  • Set up multiple email accounts
  • Process tags in subject
  • Support for styled text
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