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20 Mar 2019
Web Scraper - Helium Scraper Cracked

WebSite: Web Scraper | Helium Scraper Cracked


What is a Web Scraper?​

Websites that show lists of information generally do it by querying a database and displaying the data in a user friendly manner. A web scraperreverses this process by taking unstructured sites and turning them back into an organized database. This data can then be exported to a database or a spreadsheet file, such as CSV or Excel.
Some of the uses for web scraping software include:
  • Build supplier and manufacturer price databases.
  • Find best offers by comparing prices from multiple websites.
  • Discover trends and statistical information for academic and scientific research.
  • Extract information from governmental websites for data journalism.
  • Aggregate information from several websites to be shown on a single website.
  • Build contact information databases from real estate websites.
  • Analyze forums and social media sites to discover trends and patterns.
  • Apply custom sorts and filters to data shown on any website.
  • Extract training data for machine learning.

Helium Scraper lets you focus on the data you need, not on how to get it.​

Fast Extraction
Performed by multiple off-screen Chromium web browsers

Simple Workflow
Clean and simple interface, select and add actions from a predefined list

Scale on Demand
Increase the number of parallel browsers as required, extract as much data as needed

Capture Complex Data
Define your own actions or use custom JavaScript for more complex scenarios

No Monthly Payments
Purchase it once and keep it for a lifetime

Install Anywhere
Run it at home or on a dedicated Windows server

Other Features​

  • Fast Extraction: Automatically delegate extraction tasks to separate browsers.
  • Even Faster Extraction: Block images or unwanted web requests.
  • Big Data: SQLite database can hold up to 140 terabytes.
  • Database Generation: Table relations are generated based on extracted data.
  • SQL Generation: Quickly join and filter tables for exporting or for input data.
  • API Calling: Integrate web scraping and API calling into a single project.
  • Text Manipulation: Generate functions to match, split or replace extracted text.
  • JavaScript Support: Inject and run custom JavaScript code on any website.
  • Proxy Rotation: Enter a list of proxies and rotate them at any given interval.
  • Similar Elements Detection: Detects similar elements from one or two samples.
  • List Detection: Automatically detect lists and table rows on websites.
  • Data Exporting: Export data to CSV, Excel, XML, JSON or SQLite.
  • Scheduling: Launchable from the command line or Windows Task Scheduler.


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