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20 مارس 2019
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WhatBot: Whatsapp ChatBot and Auto Reply Pro v4.0 Cracked

WebSite: WhatBot: Whatsapp ChatBot and Auto Reply Software


Create Whatsapp Auto Reply Bot directly from your PC
Best Whatsapp Autoresponder Tool.

WhatBot uses Whatsapp Web technology and it’s the perfect software for all those companies, businesses or freelancers who use Whatsapp to communicate with their customers.

Thanks to WhatBot you can set up automatic replies and also engage with users thanks to commands that once configured allow the customer to request different informations, receive support in real-time, subscribe or delete from the mailing list, receive offers and promotions, and so on.

Here are the reasons why you should try WhatBot:

Automatically save the name and number of users who send a message to your Whatsapp account
Automatically send welcome messages and registration confirmation
Set commands to automate sending (dynamic menu)
Send both text messages and multimedia messages with text, images, links and emoji
Create dynamic menus in a simple and intuitive way
Allows the user to unsubscribe
Import and export customer data (name and number)
Track all events (messages received and sent) in the “log” section
Ability to customize all the automatic messages and translate them into your language (from the “Settings” menu)


Dynamic Chatbots
Show the user several options to choose from (dynamic navigation menu)

Contacts Registration
Automatically register all users who contact you on Whatsapp

Multiple Contents
Send static text, images, web links, emoji etc..

Import/Export Contacts
Import or export all contact list with Name and Number informations

How it works – WhatBot: Whatsapp ChatBot and Auto Reply Software



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