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20 مارس 2019
Viking Sunfrog Tool Cracked



Viking Sunfrog Tool
What is Sunfrogshirts? You might already be heard someone mentioning “earning money with Sun”, “making Sun shirts”, “earning money with Sunfrog”, etc. And, Sun or Sunfrog here is Sunfrogshirts, a platform (a website with fixed functions) to sell shirts, where you can upload your own designed shirts (or those designed by others) then promote the updated shirts (by Facebook ads) and, you can earn a commission (around 35% to 45%) when someone buys one of those shirts via your link. Regardless of being headquartered in the United States, you can sell your products to more than 200 countries around the world and, Sunfrog will deliver the products to the buyers via international shipping service.
Similar to Teespring but Sunfrog allows you to sell the shirts bring designed by others (while Teespring requires you to sell your own designed shirts). In case a shirt is successfully sold, the designer will be paid 5.5% commission.

Software features
Keyword Search: Just with only one keyword, you can find out millions of related products being sold on Sunfrog with general descriptions, prices, sellers and, images, etc. being extracted into HTML or Excel so as to facilitate your further analysis.
The tools analyze then arrange the keywords by the product indexes on Sunfrog.
Keyword tool: creating thousands of keywords in few seconds for you to pick the best one.
Downloading Sunfrog products: you can easily download the images and information of the products on Sunfrog.
Best Sellers: You will know the best selling products on Sunfrog and their sellers thanks to the analytical figures.


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