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20 مارس 2019
Viking Amazon Tool Cracked



Viking Amazon Tool
You can’t figure out what you should sell on Amazon?
Just try the analyzing tools of Viking Amazon to discover the most potential products that bring highest profit!
The software is build up on the basis of the technologies of accessing, searching and screening out the data with customized functions that can help you to find out the most potential products on Amazon by Drop Shipping and FBA.

Software features
Operated on Windows installed computers
Promptly discovering the top selling products for sales or promotion via the affiliate program with Amazon
You can view data in Best Sellers, High Ranked Sellers, Ranked by Votes, Subscribers and, others as your wish!
Thanks to the free SSH and VNP storages of the software, you can freely access the data without being blocked by Amazon.
Extracting data to HTML or Excel files of interactions containing the links you can sell!
Optionally selecting the figures to be extracted as your wish with unlimited output.



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