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21 يونيو 2019
Shopify Freedom Course by Dan Vas

Shopify Freedom Course by Dan Vas | 21.19 GB

Complete Training Divided Into 10 Modules Showing You Everything You Need To Start A Successful 6-7 Figure eCommerce Business

What You Get:
Module 1 - Introduction
- The most important fundamental steps in building a profitable worldwide eCommerce store
- Getting into a relentless success mindset that forces you to succeed
- Detailed explanation of the entire branded dropshipping strategy
- The mindset that you need to succeed with Shopify and eCommerce
- Secrets to endless, unlimited motivation that propels you to your dreams
- Entire progression of a successful Shopify store from zero to 6-7 figures/year

Module 2 - Intelligent Product Research
- How to find an extremely profitable and valuable product that sells long term
- Setting up an LLC and business license the right way for taxes and liability
- Criteria for the perfect Shopify product that can scale to 6-7 figures/year in sales
- Examples of perfect Shopify products that each have generated millions in sales
- Estimating how much a competitor’s store is earning in revenue
- Using Amazon FBA to find successful Shopify products
- Validating your product to make sure it will actually sell

Module 3 - Finding A High-Quality Supplier
- The exact step-by-step process to choose high quality world class suppliers
- Learning the right places to find high quality suppliers who are willing to dropship your product
- Advanced negotiation strategies with Alibaba and Aliexpress suppliers
- Creating the perfect brand name for your store
- How to get a sample the right way, as well as how many to get
- The right way to pay your suppliers so you don’t get scammed and lose your money
- Sourcing products better than all your competitors



Shopify Freedom Course by Dan Vas

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