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20 مارس 2019
Build Unlimited B2B Leads From LinkedIn
RS Lead Prospector helps you build targeted lead list of decision makers such as CXO's, VP's, Directors or any professionals
instantly from search engines and social networking sites.

Why choose Lead Prospector?

Easy & Simple Design
We made super simple design, which make you use the tool like a PRO instantly.

Real Time Extractor
Extracts leads real time from web for your search keyword.

Multi PC Access
Access tool on any PC or Laptop with your login credentials.

360 Support
Connect with our support team via chat or email or Skype or call.

Personalized Live Demo
1-on-1 free live demo to make you understand the tool better.

Free Sample Leads
Get free 100 leads for keyword of your choice before purchase.

Extract targeted leads like never before

Linkedin Search

There are some LinkedIn extractors available in the market, but they enforce you to authenticate or login into your LinkedIn account to scrape the data. But RS Lead Prospector doesn’t ask you for such authentications to extract data.
Personal Email Grabber
RS Lead Prospector is highly focused on extracting personal email address of your prospects like @gmail.com, @yahoo.com, @hotmail.com, @msn.com, @aol.com or any. You just need to input domain of your choice or just leave it blank to pull available business emails.
Domain Search
Domain search is nothing but helps you to extract available email addresses of particular domain from the web with highly effective search filters developed by Redscraper. You can search for any domain of your choice to generate an email list.

Manage your leads like never before

Lead Manager

A new list will get created automatically on ‘Contacts’ tab for every search you do on RS Lead Prospector. Also all your leads will gets auto backup on your computer, so you can logout and come back anytime to see the same
Easy Export
Once lead extraction got completed, you can export that lead information as a CSV file and then take it to your marketing campaigns. You can export all the details of your leads along with the date and time of the crawler.
Lead Filter
You can do multiple filters on your leads by contact name or contact email or contact title or Contact Company or contact Source URL or search keyword and date wise. So, by this way you can ignore exporting unwanted leads for your marketing campaign.


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