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20 مارس 2019
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RS Email Extractor V5.0.017
Get Targeted Emails In Just Few Minutes
RS Email Extractor is user friendly, lightweight and powerful email extraction software which is a quick and easy to use tool that
allows you to extract email addresses from various sources like local files, websites, search engines, etc.


Features of Email Extractor
User Friendly, Lightweight And Powerful Email Extractor. Extract unlimited number of targeted email in just few minutes.

Simple Keyword Search
Enter the list of keywords that describes your business or target search. Then the program will query search engines and search for email addresses on the best matched web pages.

Website Search
Enter valid URL of the website that you want to extract email addresses and RS Email Extractor will scan all pages of the website and retrieve email addresses that are available.

URL List & Local source
You can also extract email from list of urls and local source such as file or folder or drive and RS Email Extractor will scan through the files and check for email addresses. (Only ASCII / Text Files)

Proxy Support
It support single proxy system where you have the ability to check the proxy health. then you can set your specifications with either direct internet connection or use proxy for all or proxy only for search engines.

Multi thread Design
Emails will be extracted quickly using multi-threading technology without changing your PCs. You can also control over how many threads you want to execute at a time.

Export Wizard
Extract the information you want, and input it into whatever other program you want!
Excel, Word & Text (Customized Format)


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