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20 مارس 2019
Google / Bing Email Extractor crack is an innovative program for Windows that allows to capture addresses internet email, exploiting the two more powerful motor of search, that is GOOGLE and BING SEARCH. Its operation is very simple and effective at the same time because, once effected the search desired on one of these motors of search, cliccare a button and the program it will automatically be enough it will extrapolate all the sites of the search and for every site it will look for the address email.

When we talk about search engines we refer essentially to two “giants” of the sector, that is GOOGLE and BING. All the websites in the world are present in these two search engines and therefore they represent the primary source for those looking to capture data from the Web, in particular the EMAIL addresses and PHONE numbers.

If you want to extract email addresses and phones from Bing and Google Search, or better from the search results presented by these two search engines, you can now rely on our GoogleBing Email Extractor software. It is probably the most powerful and innovative WEB DATA EXTRACTOR because it leans directly to the search engines to capture the addresses (URLs) of the sites listed in the results first and then goes to look for any email address in each of them. This tool is also able to capture further details of the results such as the site title and description.

Here are the simple steps to follow to use the GoogleBing Email Extractor and extract all the possible emails addresses and phone numbers for certain keywords.
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