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20 مارس 2019
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The best software for email verification to validate any email address
Validations made at multiple levels: syntax, domain, smtp check.


1 Click Verify
Import the emails and click on VERIFY. The program will do all the rest!
Removes duplicates
Upload the list of email and the program will immediately remove the duplicates. It will also delete wrong emails
Complete and Reliable Verification
E-mails are verified based on syntax, domain existence and SMTP verification. 100% reliable verification.
Unlimited Usage
Verify ALL the addresses you want, without limitation with the FULL version of the program.
How it works

GLOBO MAIL VERIFIER is a program designed to verify email addresses in order to filter and remove all those incorrect or non-existent emails. It is therefore an ideal software for those who carry out actions of email marketing and want to optimize their lists in order to reduce the bounce rate (percentage of messages that come back due to the impossibility of delivering them).

It is important to reduce this parameter because if you have bounce rate > 5% during a campaign, you can have issue on message delivery ( that could end up in SPAM) and on the email-marketing platform that could reject your list because too “dirty“.

To avoid this problem, our program Globo Mail Verifier can help you. It is a software that can thoroughly analyze a list of email addresses and for each email tells you if it is VALID or INVALID. In this way you can export only valid emails and make your email marketing campaigns on them.

The first thing to do is to download and install the program on your Windows PC (all Windows versions are supported). Here is the download link for the free demo version that allows you to check 100 email addresses for each imported list:

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