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20 مارس 2019
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Geny WhatsApp Bot Cracked

WebSite: Geny Whatsapp Bot - Send Images/Videos And More...

screen shot 01.png

screen shot 02.png

Geny Whatsapp Bot ,an app to make your life easily. you can send unlimited messages to unlimited Numbers you can include videos/Images to send it to Numbers you choose You can send to Messages to your customers by one click. Growth your business NOW

  1. Unlimited Messages To send
  2. Unlimited Numbers to Add
  3. Import/Export Messages & Numbers List
  4. Send Unlimited Messages To Unlimited Numbers Includes Videos/Images
  5. Send Images/Videos
  6. Create List of Random Messages and Send Randomly
  7. send selected message or all messages
  8. Send Message to many numbers you want



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