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20 مارس 2019
Files Email Extractor v6.1.3.73 Cracked

WebSite: Files Email Extractor | Files Email Address Extractor


Files Email Extractor is an inventive software that is proficient formining email IDs from all files such as Word, Excel, PPT, and PDF etc.doesn’t matter what format of those files. This files email address extractor is full of advanced and unique features which permits the user to not only extract email addresses but also save them in .TXT or .CSV format depends on user’s choice. It also has custom filtering options that allows the user to set the search conditions and extract email address accordingly from files of any format. This feature helps to extraction of only appropriate email ids and removing irrelevant email addresses. User can choose a duplicate removal option before start extracting email addresses to avoid duplicate email addresses through this files email extractor. The files email address extractor software can seamlessly extract email ids from excel, word, PPT and from pdf. This unique email address finder also permits the user to save the extracted email IDs in .CSV or .TXT format as per user requirements.

The software has unique and advance features but is extremely user friendly and there is no need to have technical knowledge to run this software. User can simply add multiple files of different format from which email addresses need to be extracted or select a folder to add all files automatically. After that the user needs to simply click on start extracting button to fetch email IDs. User can use email filter buttons to extract relevant email addresses and removing irrelevant or duplicate email ids. The tool can effortlessly extract email addresses from word files like doc, dot, dotm, dotx,docm,docx, txt, rtf and wps, excel files like XLS, XLTX,XLSX, SLSM, XLT, XLA, and power point files like ppt, pptx,ppa,potm,pot,pptm, potx, ppsx, pps,ppsm,ppam.

Files Email Extractor software is a fast and perfect tool to collect email addresseswhich is compatible with Windows XP, vista, Windows7, 2003, 2000, and all latest windows edition. Files email address extractorsoftware is very importantfor email marketing ninjas nowadays. As organizations involved in selling goods & services are putting significant stress on online marketing. This email address extractor software can be useful for those organizations.

Key Features of Files Email Extractor:
  • Extract emails from document files.
  • Extract emails from files such as Doc, Docx, PDF, XLS, TXT, HTML, RTF, PPT, XML, etc.
  • Extract emails from text files.
  • Eliminate duplicate emails and provides relevant list.
  • Extract emails from pdf files and it does not need Acrobat.
  • Extract emails from excel files.
  • Extract emails from Word and PowerPoint.
  • Extract emails from multiple files.


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