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23 يونيو 2019
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e-Campaign 14 Cracked

WebSite: Email Marketing Software Personalized HTML Mass Mailing Software Mail Merge Email List Marketing Mailing List Software Direct Email Marketing


Fast, Flexible, & Easy-to-use Email Marketing Software
Mass mailing, HTML email newsletter delivery, and bulk email marketing campaigns - You can accomplish these tasks with ease.

e-Campaign email marketing software is an efficient group email and email marketing tool for companies, e-zine publishers and professionals, as well as individuals, to communicate with their customers, subscribers, and other email contacts effectively.

With e-Campaign mass mailing software you can design rich HTML emails, newsletters, and e-zines easily, and deliver personalized email messages to your customer base and mailing lists.

Key Features of e-Campaign Email Marketing Software

+ Personalized bulk emails
: Sends personalized HTML emails to different recipients (mail merge)
+ Database connectivity: Supports popular databases: Access/Excel (both 32-bit and 64-bit), SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, and more
+ Email Tracking: Tracks email opens and unsubscribe link clicks via web service *

+ SMTP: Supports standard SMTP Servers, as well as SSL/TLS-encrypted SMTP Servers (such as Gmail SMTP Servers)
+ Built-in SMTP Server: Has a built-in SMTP server (Requires port 25 open)
+ Microsoft Exchange Exchange: Supports sending email via Microsoft Exchange Server
+ Microsoft Office 365 Office 365: Supports sending email via Microsoft's cloud hosted email service
+ Amazon SES: Supports sending email via Amazon Simple Email Service.

+ PHP scripting: Dynamically generates email body/subject via the PHP programming language
+ Conditional Mail Merge: the if..then..else conditional statement allows you to insert text based on the contents of a field
+ Email Throttling: Limits the per minute/hour/day email volumes via SMTP and Exchange servers
+ Email Scheduling: Supports one-shot and recurring email scheduling
+ Fast email delivery: Sends bulk email via fast, multi-threaded email delivery engine
+ Load Balancing: Supports multiple SMTP servers & Load Balancing, spreading the email load among multiple SMTP accounts/servers

+ List Deduplication: Automatically skips duplicate addresses in mailing lists. (You can turn off this feature)
+ Built-in List Editor: Creating/editing lists directly within e-Campaign
+ CSV (Comma Separated Values): Supports mailing lists in the ubiquitous CSV format, as well as semicolon- or tab-delimited text
+ Exclusion lists: Excludes email addresses on the fly (each mailing job can have different exclusion lists)
+ Bounces Handling: Includes bounced email processing features

+ Personalized file attachments and images: In addition to personalization in email subject and body, you can even send different file attachments and images to different recipients in the same mailing job
+ SOCKS Proxy Server: Supports SOCKS5 Proxy Servers
+ Unicode & International languages: Supports Unicode, and major international character sets and encodings
+ WYSIWYG Email Editing: Supports WYSIWYG HTML message composing



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