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20 مارس 2019
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Whatsapp Group Marketing Pro Cracked

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About Whatsap Marketing Groups Sender Pro.
An Pro WhatsApp Messaging solution with a wide collection of option and services give the user more flexibility when they are sending their campaigns.

these solutions allow users to send WhatsApp Campaigns in a very simple way more over provide them tools to filter and verify WhatsApp groups and send test message for review after sending and search groups by country … and more options and extract contacts from joined groups and no joined groups , generate secure licenses to their clients to give more flexibility during reselling and more…

In addition, Bulk WhatsApp Groups Sender provides an anti-blocking technique which reduces the chance of getting banned and keeps WhatsApp account safe

Its a turn key scalable solution provided with full source code (C#.net) which gives users the freedom during customization.

  1. Complete Solution
  2. Sending test messages for review messages after sending
  3. Clear all chats history one click
  4. Groups search/scraper by country and more.
  5. Leave groups after actions
  6. Delete groups after actions
  7. send any type of files
  8. Full C#.net source code
  9. Easy to customize for non developer
  10. Sending Unlimited Messages
  11. sending Multi-Multimedia messages
  12. Whatsapp groups search / groups
  13. Whatsapp groups filter
  14. Groups contacts extractor
  15. Anti banned module
  16. multi text messages (reduce the chance of blocking)
  17. Random Waiting Control after random X messages (anti blocking)
  18. Random delay between messages (anti blocking)



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