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23 يونيو 2019
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Poshmark Tools v1.0.4.3 Cracked

WebSite: Poshmark Pro Tools - The Best Poshmark Bot Out There


Poshmark Pro Tools

The original app,
which allows you to perform:

  • Auto self shares
  • Auto party shares
  • Auto community shares
  • Auto follows
  • Auto unfollows
  • Auto keyword sharing
  • Auto multi-closet sharing
  • Reverse closet sharing
  • Auto share-back mode
  • Auto sharing of new Posher listings
  • Random delay between shares

Poshmark Pro Leads

Poshmark Pro Leads will AUTOMATICALLY find you people who want to buy your merchandise, all you have to simply do is type in any brand (or type of clothing) name into the keyword box.
For example, if I wanted to follow anyone interested in Anthropologie clothing, I would simply type in “Anthropologie”, type in the delay between follows, and how many closets I’d like to follow.
Then, once everything is filled out properly, you simply press “Start”.
The software will go out and search for listings with your specified keyword or brand name, and then it will automatically follow anyone who has commented on, or liked those listings.
Therefore, if you have that brand name in your closet, the people who follow you back are much more likely to purchase that brand name from you, since they have already expressed a certain amount of interest by taking the time out to like or comment on the listing featuring that particular brand name!
Leveraging a small amount of psychology is always a good thing!

Features of Poshmark Pro Leads:
  • Auto target following
  • Random delay between each follow
  • Auto follow new closets
  • Specify your own amount of closets to follow
  • Works with 2captcha captcha solver


How does the InstaPosh Software work?
is not a Poshmark bot.
It is a software which does the heavy work of sharing listings on an external platform with the click of a button. Here’s how this software works:
First, you’ll need to upload all your listings into the InstaPosh software with the press of a button.
When all the listings are loaded, you get the option of selecting the listings that you want to upload into your Instagram account. You can delete the listings which are not relevant.
Then, for marketing & visibility purposes, you can add viral hashtags related to brands that you are selling. I would suggest writing a short caption to go with the picture so that people understand what the product is exactly.
When all the pictures are ready with the content, you just need to click on Upload to send them all to your Instagram account, with a small delay in between each upload, so you don’t receive any bans or throttles on Instagram. Your account will be filled with attractive pictures of your Poshmark products and visible to all your followers.
Viewers can click on the pictures to take a closer look and place an order through the link in the caption, thus, increasing your sales!
Heres a short video of how it works:

Closet Backup

Our closet backup feature is second to none.
Simply load all of your listings into the software with
ONE click.
Then, save it as a file!
This is a most precious module, especially if you have a HUGE closet, with many listings.

If your account glitches, or you get hacked, and your closet gets deleted for some unknown reason
(it happens), or even if you want to create a new closet with the same listings, it’s now possible!

Automated E.N.L. - Edit. Next. List

A Different Way To Share On Poshmark
Our automatic E.N.L. robot is perfect for those of you who prefer this method over the traditional sharing method.
Simply, load ALL of your listings into the software with one click.
Then, select only the listings you wish to E.N.L.
Set the delay, then press start.
The software will then begin sharing your listings via E.N.L.

Auto Liker / Commenter

Auto like and comment on listings specified via keyword.
For example:
Keyword: Prada
Will only find listings with the keyword “Prada”,
and comment on, or like them.

Autopilot Mode / Scheduler

Schedule your self shares, community shares
& follows to repeat every day.

Simply generate the rows, each row counts as an action
(self shares, feed share / community shares, or Poshmark Pro Leads style follows).
Set time and date, press START.
Scheduler will then activate a row based on if it is the correct time,
it will then fire off that action.
This means, you will NEVER have to sit and baby sit your Poshmark bot.
Together with the captcha solving service, it makes it a truly passive way to keep your closet active,
with PLENTY of traffic for offers, bundles & sales!

Bulk Pricing Editor

Need to change the prices of certain listings, but you don’t feel like going to editing each listing individually?
With our bulk pricing editor, you no longer have to worry about that!
Simply, load all of your listings with one click, then select the listings you would like to edit.
Fill out the price, then click start! Watch Poshmark Pro Tools go to work, changing the price on your specified listings!
It’s that simple.



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