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20 مارس 2019
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Management-Ware Data Cleansing & Matching Cracked

WebSite: Data Cleansing software & Data Matching Software - Data Cleansing software and Data Matching tools


Data Cleansing Software – An Efficient Data Cleaning Tools
Our data cleansing software will help you reach your goal. Management-Ware Data Cleansing & Matching is an interactive tool for data cleaning and transformation. Use our data cleaning tools and techniques to clean your data quickly. This data preparation app can analyze sets of information, remove matching records from your lists and databases, enrich, eradicate duplicate, inaccurate and identify incorrect or incomplete data. Our user-friendly and powerful data scrubbing software helps business users across many industries manage their data more effectively and drive their bottom line.
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Our Data Scrubbing Software – A Powerful Big Data Matching Tool
Data Cleansing & Matching contains a matching engine that can transform, standardize your data, compare two projects, remove matching records from marketing lists and databases, merge, match, update your list, insert new data and show fresh statistics – never relying on any single item of data being correct or consistent! With our big data matching solution will save hours of valuable time cleaning and removing duplicated records from your lists or databases using built-in sophisticated algorithms.
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Leading Data Clean-up Software – List deduplication software
Data Cleansing & Matching App – Quickly and accurately clean data and remove duplicates.
Data deduplication has become easy and affordable. We understand data cleansing and data deduplication software can save your business time and money. Our Data Cleansing software and Matching program contains a powerful deduplication module that can be used without any special technical knowledge to clean / dedupe Text files, Excel files and Access (deduplication software / dedupe software). Removing duplicates / dupes can be done using the telephone number, fax number, company name, the email address, the postal address or other information.
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NO Call List Remover/ Phone Numbers blacklists cleaning Feature
Import your country marketing no call list and check your contact list and clean up your phone numbers with our Data Scrubbing & Matching program. This no call list feature in Data Cleansing & Matching is designed for phone-based sales, telemarketers, call centers and customer service. But it can also be use to clean-up any other list type. Data Cleansing & Matching is the perfect solution to help you keep your contact list up to date. Discover all the features that will make your life easier.
Click here for more details about the Data Cleansing & Matching no call removal module…

Some key features of our Data Transformation and preparation software
  • Manage unlimited database with our data cleansing software/project.
  • Complete set of data cleansing tools
  • Complete set of data matching and merge tools
  • Import and export to many formats and databases
  • Centrally manage data cleanup process and keep track of tasks
  • See all the features…



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