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20 مارس 2019
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Management-Ware Mass Mailing News Enterprise v2.4.0.8 Cracked

WebSite: Mass Mailing News an easy to use Bulk Emailing Software


Are you looking for a unique and innovative mass emailing software for managing your e-mailing list? You want to keep in touch with your clients? our Bulk email software is all you need!

Discover the free solution or a cost effective one, a one-time payment package which allows you to easily manage your email marketing campagns using a desktop mass emailing software. Send newsletters to your customers or prospects is easy and fast with Mass mailing News.

With the pervasiveness of the Internet, email has become the marketing tool of choice for getting the message out to current and prospective customers and contacts. For most small businesses, permission-based email marketing campaigns are the most cost-effective way to reach new and existing customers. Mass Mailing News version 2.0 is the HTML mass emailing software of choice. Use it to quickly and easily create professional-looking email newsletters, targeting different customer segments with personalized messages.

Our mass email sender is a flexible bulk emailing software

Our mass mailing software allows you to send all kind of messages: from simple newsletters to complex campaigns addressed to thousands of subscribers of your e-mailing list. Try Mass Mailing News, our bulk email software today and you will not regret it!

Try for free or buy our mass emailer now (no recurring fees). You can use the mass emailing software for personal or business use. Save time and money!

Free Mass email software for newsletter creation
If you get small emailing lists, the free edition of Mass Mailing News may be the right edition for you. With the free edition of the mass emailing software, you will be able to get a good taste of the mass email program. You can upgrade at anytime for more features without data lost.

With our Mass Mailing software you can easily:
  • Create eye-catching, colourful HTML messages with email templates (Newsletter creation is easy).
  • Compose your messages using the built-in WYSIWYG HTML editor.
  • Track your email marketing campaigns in real time with the built-in email tracker feature. Real time email tracking service.
  • Automatic subscription/unsubscription from an email address.
  • Save the HTML message for your Web site.
  • Scheduler: the recurring scheduling feature helps you automate your mass emails.
  • Send up to 64 emails at the same time with the built-in mail queue manager.
  • Deliver your messages using up to 3 delivery modes.
  • Use Mail Merge features to address your email recipients by name.
  • Send targeted bulk email campaigns based on subscribers’ demographic information.
  • Remove opt-out email addresses from your lists automatically.
  • Import contact lists from various data repositories: Text document, Excel datasheet and XML file.
  • Keep customers coming back to your website and establish strong customer relationships.


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