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11 أغسطس 2022
Get a Free Library Card issued by a genuine Library for LinkedIn Courses


Step 1: Go to this link

Step 2: Click on Get Started at bottom of page

Step 3: Fill the details, in Mail box, you can give your primary account or use some kind of temp mail

Step 4: Then it asks for home address, fill in the address using fake address generator, and use only NEW YORK address

Step 5: Again it asks for address, just click on next

Step 6: Then it asks for verification of address, so again click next

Step 7: Fill in the details for your account username and password

Step 8: It shows all the details you entered, simply scroll down and click on submit

BOOOMMM!!! You got your free library card issued by New York Public Library.

You can use this card for linkedin lynda courses, you can take screenshot of that card page, or you will get a mail that you virtual card is issued with in 24 hours

Last Step : Use this LinkedIn Link to join LinkedIn learning using your issued card