[ Free Courses ] YouTube SEO How to Rank Videos Higher 2022


11 Aug 2022
YouTube SEO How to Rank Videos Higher 2022 [SKILLSHARE]


This YouTube SEO course is aimed at content creators who want to rank their videos higher.

This is the process I follow, from start to finish, to position my YouTube channels at the top. Recommended for beginner and intermediate levels.

You will learn some valuable SEO tips and techniques to get your videos on the first page.

YouTube is the second search engine in the world, so it's crucial to have a good strategy to rank your videos and get more views.

Topics discussed in the course:

  • How to export videos for best results
  • SEO titles
  • SEO descriptions
  • Thumbnail creation for free
  • Proper tags and keyword tricks
  • Adding an end screen
  • Getting more comments
  • Video promotion
  • Pro tips
Enjoy the guide and happy ranking!

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