[ Premium ] Youtube - Tube Video Translator v1.0.0.8 Cracked

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20 Mar 2019
Youtube - Tube Video Translator Cracked

WebSite: Special Offer - Tube Video Translator & Tube Video Tracker - Tube Atlas


Powerful software for translating video titles, descriptions and subtitles to over 100 languages!

Get 75% MORE Traffic to Your Videos (or Client Videos) using a Very Simple Trick!

ONLY 25% of the searches made online are in ENGLISH!

And yet most people still focus on trying to rank in English!

YouTube is the 2nd LARGEST Website on the Planet...

And still a lot of people focus their efforts on trying to rank and get traffic from ONLY Google!

YouTube Gets 1.7 BILLION Unique Visitors per Month!

Just think, all the visitors you will ever need are ALREADY ON YOUTUBE!
1.7 billion unique visitors a month.
75% of searches on YouTube are not in English...
That's 1.3 billion unique visitors searching each month in foreign languages!
They could be searching for YOUR offer!
Are you getting the idea of much money you are MISSING out on?

With Tube Video Translator You can Convert the Title, Descriptions & Subtitles of Your Videos into 100+ Foreign Languages!

No Need to Upload Translated Versions of the Same Video. Let the Software Import the Translations Directly into Your Current Videos on YouTube!


Videos Tool

Quickly import all your videos using the built-in browser into the Video Tool.
Import UNLIMITED number of videos!
Instantly see how many subtitles available for each of your videos
See all subtitle languages for each video
No Google API costs!
No built-in credit system
Generate UNLIMITED subtitles
No monthly costs EVER!
Translate UNLIMITED titles & descriptions
Translate videos for your clients with ease!
Unlike similar tools on the market, Tube Video Translator has NO LIMITS and you DO NOT pay for ANY monthly costs! .. NOTHING, NADA, ZILCH!!!

NO Cost Translation!

Imagine having the freedom to translate as many videos as you want each to over 100 languages WITHOUT any extra costs!
We strategically integrated the FREE Google translate tool into a built-in web browser with complete automation.
You can technically translate ANY content and UNLIMITED number of characters ... FREE!
Other translation tools must charge you a monthly fee or credit system in order to cover their API costs.
But, inside the Tube Video Translator, we are not using the Youtube API, therefore, you will never have any monthly costs!

Generate UNLIMITED Subtitle Files for Clients!

We've even integrated a separate feature that allows you to automatically generated UNLIMITED number of translated subtitle .SBV files.
You can deliver these files to your clients and keep 100% of the profits with NO LIMITS!
Then they can easily import the subtitle files into their YouTube studio.
Stop paying monthly fees when you don't have to!

Save MASSIVE Time with More Automation!

We recommend using all 5,000 characters in your video descriptions to maximize your video SEO potential.
But, your translations may produce more characters than allowed..
.. and the software will show a RED box indicating the number of characters are over the limit.
And to make it ridiculously SIMPLE to update your translations..
.. we built-in an automation tool allowing you to quickly re-translate your content with a click of a button.
There is nothing on the market with this type of simple automation!

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