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Bulk Whatsapp Message Sender

Bulk WhatsApp Sender will help you send WhatsApp messages to people by importing the numbers from a file or manually entering the numbers. You can even send customized dynamic messages with name and all other custom fields by importing a file. You can use this software for even sending transactional messages to your existing customers. The software has various settings to reduce the changes of WhatsApp from blocking our number from sending the WhatsApp messages to multiple numbers.


Check out the features

send personalized messages

User can send personalized WhatsApp messages by importing an excel file with multiple columns. This also comes in handy when someone wishes to send transactional messages, reminders etc.

Message Variations

Automatically create multiple variations of the message to send to all contacts and avoid blocking of account. Because its easy to track spamming when someone sends the same message to multiple numbers that are not in the contact list.

Detailed Delivery Report

After the messages are sent, you can view a full detailed report of the messages sent for every number. It will show if the message was successfully sent or even if the number is a non WhatsApp number.

Smart Settings

To reduce the chance of WhatsApp blocking the number, we can do various settings like adding delay after every message sent, send a message to our own numbers after a particular number of messages sent. to stimulate natural use of WhatsApp so that WhatsApp does not block the number.

WhatsApp Group Contacts

Sometime we might need to send messages to a particular group, But if i am not allowed to post in that group, there is an option to fetch the contact number of group and send WhatsApp messages to all the contacts.

WhatsApp number filtering

If you have a list of mobile numbers to whom you want to send messages, it will be wise to just filter them using our WhatsApp filtering feature. This feature will allow you to filter all the WhatsApp numbers from non WhatsApp numbers.


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