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Yoast SEO Local Premium

- Get found by potential clients in your local community
- Easily insert Google Maps, opening hours, contact information and a store locator
- Improve the usability of your contact page

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Higher ranking in local search

Searching in Google (or any other search engine) for a hairdresser or a dentist will result in a list of hairdressers or dentists in your local community. So, local search appears to happen spontaneously! However, in order to give a (high) ranking, Google does need to know the exact location of your business. Above that, Google needs to know what type of business you provide.

Our Local SEO plugin provides Google and other search engines with the exact information it needs to show your company website in the local search results. Whether your company has only one office, or multiple locations, our Local SEO plugin will make sure it will appear in the local search results.

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