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20 مارس 2019
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Live Event Blaster 2 PRO v2.14


The First Software That Allows You To Exploit The Power Of Live Events On YouTube.
This software allows you to instantly create, schedule and live stream hundreds of Live Events with the push of 2 buttons!
Let me explain another time how Live Blaster works…

It will allow you to create and schedule multiple events and stream a pre recorded video at a later time.
You won’t have to worry about starting the stream, about being online at the time the stream starts….
Live Blaster will take care of that!
After you schedule your event, the software will check your rankings and views! How cool is that!

With Live Event Blaster PRO 2 You Get:

Reason 1: Multiple Accounts

How would you like to add and work with multiple accounts and channels at the same time?

In the PRO version, you have multiple account support! Meaning, that you can add multiple accounts or channels and choose on which channel your events should be scheduled! You will be able to get instant rankings to all your YouTube accounts!

Reason 2: Campaign Support
How would you like to easily manage all your events and live streams?

I’m sure that one week from now, you will have a lot of Live Events ranking on the first page for your chosen search terms and the next logical step will be to… SCALE! In order to do that properly, you will need multiple campaign support ! We’ve got you covered for that in the PRO version too!

Reason 3: Agency Rights
Start making money by offering your YouTube services to others!

How would you like to be able to offer RANKING services to your clients, as well?
That’s right, if you click buy now, you get agency use, rights included. Imagine being able to rank hundreds of videos for your clients… with only 3 clicks… And being able to charge premium prices for this service. Continually, month after month… after month!


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