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23 يونيو 2019
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GSA Platform Identifier Cracked

Platform Identifier, sort web sites by there used platform


GSA Platform Identifier is an ultra powerful, multithreaded, Windows based program that effortlessly classifies and sorts imported website URLS based upon their platform E.G. Joomla, KeywordLuv, Vanilla Board and many more.

Automatically Identify and Sort URLs
GSA Platform Identifier is a very powerful, multi-threaded, Windows based software that effortlessly recognizes and sorts imported website URLS based on their platform E.G. Wordpress, KeywordLuv, Vanilla Board and many more. GSA PI is able to detect tons of various platforms right out of the box and can sort and identify lots of URLS very quickly.

Identify Niche Relevant URLs
GSA Platform Identifier also has the ability to identify URLs based on keyword criteria that you specify to help bring in more niche related URLs. For example, Platform Identifier can automatically identify and sort any URLs that include your keywords on their page, in the domain name, in the page <title> tags, in the Meta descriptions and much more!
Also included is a language filter which allows you to filter URLs based on their language as well as a PR filter which uses simulated PR (GSA PR Emulator or GSA Proxy Scraper Required).

Filter URLs by Important SEO Metrics
Another great feature lets you filter URLs by valuable SEO metrics using domdetailer API. Some of these metrics include Moz Domain Authority, Moz Page Authority, Majesetic Citation Flow, Majestic Topical Trust Flow, Facebook Shares and many more! (domdetailer API required).

Included Extra Tools
GSA Platform Identifier also features many useful tools to help with maintaining your lists. With the extra tools you can trim big lists to root, remove duplicate domains and URLs, append text to URLs and much more!



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