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23 يونيو 2019
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GSA Page Rank Emulator Cracked

PR Emulator, emulate google page rank API


This Emulator will take any Google-Page-Rank-API resolve done by your SEO Tools and replace it with other metrics such as TrustFlow, CitiationFlow, SemRushRank, AlexaRank or YandexTIC. Make use of better ranking factors than PR which unfortunately is no longer displayed publicly by Google.

It was a dark day in the SEO world when Google shut down their public service displaying the PR values for websites. Many software that heavily relied on this service had become obsolete overnight. We didn't like that this happened and wanted to bring back useful metrics that could help with ranking a website using values of 0 (worst) to 10 (best) and decided to build a software that is able to emulate the PR API based on metrics available from other services.

Get Google's PageRank (PR) back
Starting the software is enough to get PR working again. You can use all your programs that relied on PR and choose how to emulate the PageRank value. There are many things to choose from such as (TrustFlow, CitationFlow, Yandex, AlexaRank and many more).

Filter your Sites
You can also use the software to scan your own URLs and websites which will assign a PR value based on the metrics you have configured. From there, all sites/URLS will automatically be filtered out if they don't meet your requirements.

Included Proxy Scraper
Some mapping (e.g. Alexa->GooglePR) will only work when using proxies. Luckily, there are many thousands of included proxy sources that the software will use to find proxies for you 100% automatically.



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