U P D A T E D - 2 0 2 3


20 ديسمبر 2019
1. VPN and socks aren’t important while carding aliexpress however you can protect yourself buy using a vpn

2. Register an account at aliexpress with the card holder name and you use a similar mail to his name
(it’s not even necessary to verify your mail so put any mail having the same name of the cardholder).

3. Go to “my aliexpress ” and enter the shipping address the same as billing address of the cc.

4. Go and buy something and if you don’t want to be redirected to vbv payment or if the transaction did not go ,
choose a lower value value item .

5. After the transaction success send a message to the seller telling him to send this item as a gift to a person
and give him your real address.

6. I assure the payment will be verified and you will not encounter problems.
most of you will say aliexpress contains Chinese useless stuff.NO! i have carded a lot of good things and sell them
after i receive them.