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20 Mar 2019
EuroPages & Kompass Scraper FULL VERSION Cracked

WebSite: Europages & Kompass Scraper – Estrattoredati.com



How to use Europages/Kompass Scraper?

Here we will see how EUROPAGES SCRAPER works. The same guide is also for KOMPASSSCRAPER. Here are the steps to follow to capture data from Europages/Kompass directory.

Step 1. Download the .zip file from the link above. Extract the exe file from the zip file.
It will open the following homepage in the program (for Europages):


Step 2. Enter the keywords and then click Enter to open search results.
Step 3. Click on the top, on the button COLLECT COMPANIES LINKS and the scraper will start to collect links

unnamed (1).png

Step 4. After that all links are collected click on OK

unnamed (2).png

Step 5. Click on the other button on the top: COLLECT COMPANIES DATA.

unnamed (3).png

Step 6. It will open the window where you have to type the name and the folder where the CSV file will be saved. In the CSV you will have all info of captured companies (business name, address, phone, emails, website url)

unnamed (4).png

Step 7. The program will analyze company after company and extract all possible information.

Step 7. The program will analyze company after company and extract all possible information. The DEMO version will extract the info of only the first 3 companies.
With the FULL version you can extract all the companies of the research carried out, without limits.
Step 8. Open the CSV file saved on the PC to check all data captured.



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